Cautions in cannes

Cannes is a safe place to holiday and does not present a great deal in the way of danger to visitors. Crime is not immediately apparent, and what does exist is largely of the petty variety.

As this is a city with plenty of wealthy characters walking around, there are opportunist thieves operating in popular tourist areas.

Visitors can protect themselves against the antics of pickpockets and bag snatchers by using common sense while out and about. Keeping cash and personal effects hidden and in a secure place about your person can reduce your chances of being targeted, while wearing bags across the body and never leaving them unattended in bars or restaurants can go a long way to ensuring that you are not parted from them.

Avoid hawkers and timeshare touts as they may not be legitimate operators. Pickpockets sometimes work in pairs; one distracts you while the accomplice relieves you of your valuables.
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