Outdoor Activities

Cannes has many outdoor activity options, and holidaymakers with lively streaks can easily indulge their passions for sporting and outdoor leisure pursuits at both natural and manmade locations.

The beach is one of the most popular spots for sports, but if it’s genuine adrenalin-charged action that you desire then the Buggy Cross Go-Kart centre is the place to head for.

Cannes’ beaches are the ideal locations at which to enjoy a wide variety of sports and activities. Younger visitors can take advantage of the sea breezes by kite flying, while holidaymakers of all ages can enjoy a lively game or two of Frisbee. If you’ve a good sized group assembled, you can get a game of beach volleyball going. Otherwise, couples can enjoy the classic French game known as boules.


Proficient climbers with their own equipment can take off unassisted to the countryside around the city, where they’ll find numerous tried and tested climbing spots. Visitors wanting to try climbing for the first time in a safe environment can do so at the indoor centre known as Mur d'Escalade. The centre has experienced teachers who can show you the basics and advise on good locations for outdoor climbing.


The Buggy Cross go-karting complex is located about five kilometres (three miles) from Cannes and offers racing fun for visitors of all ages. Try your hand not only at go-karting, but also at mini-motor racing and quad biking. No driving license is necessary, and there are even facilities for kids upwards of four years old.

Water Sports

Enjoy a variety of water based activities at the city’s public and private beaches including waterskiing, snorkelling, sailing, surfing and windsurfing. The private beaches tend to have better facilities, but these come at a cost.