Night life in canes

When the work day is over and you need to wind down, Cannes bars and night clubs have everything you need to decompress. If your primary desire is a place to nurse a drink and enjoy some friendly conversation, take advantage of the city's many bars, like Le Carre Blanc.

As the night wears on, consider catching a few sets of live music to get a feel for Cannes's local talent. Disco 7 is one of the best places to do that, and you can always count on an array of terrific performances. Really want to let loose? Nothing beats dancing to high-energy rhythms, and you'll find those regularly at Zanzibar. The music pumps, the clientele are fun, and you can practically guarantee a great time. When it comes to nightlife, there are plenty of things to do in Cannes!

Cannes has night venues of every description and the city is a veritable hotbed of activity after the sun’s gone down. Casinos are a highly popular aspect of the city’s evening entertainment scene and are full seven days a week with addicts, hopefuls and those doing a little controlled dabbling in the gambling scene. The most famous casinos in the city include Casino Croisette at the Palais des Festivals; Palm Beach Casino at Pointe de la Croisette; and Casino des Princes on boulevard de la Croisette. If a more traditional night out is your thing then you’ll find plenty of good bars across the city with boulevard de la Croisette being a good place to head if you want to be guaranteed of finding a busy venue. Nightclubs appealing to all tastes can be found in the city centre and the gay season is especially happening and popular. Most bars stay open until early morning, while nightclubs can still be busy well into dawn.
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